Fume Cupboard Fire Suppression Systems

Some clients have to deal with chemicals and processes that create a increased risk of fire. This can be a particular problem for some clients requiring there fume cupboards to have dedicated fire suppression installed to help prevent and control the risk of fire within there fume cupboard and extraction systems.

To tactical this, we can install a range of range of Jactone PAFSS fire supprection systems for fume cupboards. This offers a extra level of protection for the clients and users alike.

Fume Cupboards

Fume Cupboard Fire Suppression Systems

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Reason for needing Fire Suppression

Fume cupboards are used across a wide range of labs within different industries including chemical research, pharmaceutical and educational labs. Each industry and to some level each lab can have different reasons for requiring fire suppression systems within their fume cupboards. Below are just a few reason:-

  • Fires can be hard to identify within fume cupboards and they connected extractions systems. Due to the enclosed nature of both of these.
  • Fires can spread quickly within and between fume cupboards. Due to fume cupboards normal being all kept close together for easy of installation and convince for the clients.
  • Fires have catastrophic effects, leading to anything from lost of work to the worse being lose of life.

Solutions for Fire Suppression

Every client has different needs and different fume cupboards, meaning each fire suppression system is designed and built to meet the individual needs of the client and fume cupboard it is going to be installed into. The main points for each system is as follows:-

  • Identify the main cause of why, when, how the fire with the fume cupboard could start and how it could spread.
  • Identify the size of the system required to be able to cope with the size of the possible fire that could be caused.
  • Identify the type of chemicals used with the fume cupboard to be able to choose the correct media to be used in the system.

Result for Fire Suppression

The results of any good fire suppression system is to protect the clients from having a large fire on there hands then is needed. Being able to easily and safely contain then extinguish a fire before it can damage to much work. Then final and not to be forgotten to prevent the loss of life.

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