Laboratory Furniture & Worktops

iab supply and install high quality laboratory furniture, worktops, fume cupboards and ancillary items such as sinks and taps, drip cups and gas taps. In addition, we also offer a full range of related storage cabinets and mobile workstations.

Laboratory Design Consultancy UK

Laboratory Furniture

Cantilever System

A cantilever system is a structural design in which a horizontal beam (or other structural element) is supported at one end and projects outward without additional supports at the other end.

Solid Grade Compact Laminate Furniture

iab are a network trade partner for Kupan in the UK. Kupan was established in 1970 and are one of the leading manufacturers of solid grade compact laminate furniture in Europe. 

Plinth Mounted System

A plinth-mounted system refers to the configuration where certain laboratory equipment or apparatus is mounted or installed on a plinth.

Free Standing Table Leg Frame System​

A Free Standing Table Leg Frame System in a scientific laboratory installation refers to a modular and standalone support structure for laboratory work surfaces, typically in the form of tables or benches.

Mass Spec Vacuum Pump Enclosures

Noise and temperature control are always a concern within a working laboratory. Generally, temperature is controlled by HVAC systems which should be part of the overall laboratory design.

Service Gantry

If you are looking to achieve a design where maximum working space is required then an over head independently supported service gantry may be the ideal solution.

Laboratory Worktops

Trespa Toplab Base Laboratory Worktops

Trespa Toplab Base is widely used for laboratory bench surfacing, as well as laboratory furniture components. It offers good chemical resistance and is easy to clean and disinfect.

Trespa Toplab Plus Laboratory Worktops

Trespa TopLab PLUS is a worktop which offers  superior performance. Materials specified for laboratory furniture should be extremely durable and scratch resistant, chemical resistant and easy to clean.

Corian Laboratory Worktops

Corian is the original solid surface material. Created to last a lifetime it is a unique blend of minerals and acrylic which creates a stone-hard surface that can be shaped to meet any design or dimension.


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A wide range to suit you

iab has both a standard range of furniture and a design service to manufacture bespoke items to suit any individual client needs. Using AutoCad and Revit design software and modern production methods our suppliers are able to produce very high-quality laboratory furniture to meet our exacting ISO9001:2015 standards.

Meeting your requirements

Our design and project teams can produce the correct laboratory furniture design that meets Client needs across all the sectors we work in.

Expert installation

All furniture is installed by our highly trained installation teams who have years of experience.

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