Insectary Laboratories - Oxitec

Main Scope of Works

  • Full refurbishment of existing insectary laboratories

  • Upgrade of existing CO2 laboratory gas system and installation of new bespoke CO2 gas detection system

  • Installation of cantilevered benches, and custom solid-grade Trespa Shelving

  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled Insectaries

  • Modification and upgrade of HVAC plant and equipment to meet laboratory standards

  • Installation of sealed, insulated walls and sealings to meet

iab lab were approached by Oxitec to refurbish the clients existing Insectary Laboratories. iab fitted the labs out some 12 years ago for a previous tenant. Oxitec moved into the building a few years ago and the laboratories that had been left suited their needs at the time. As part of a re organisation and the introduction of new equipment and working practices iab were approached to help change the layout of the existing facility.

The project was carried out in two phases. The whole project had to be organised in such a way as to keep disruption to a minimum. The first phase was to open up an existing R&D laboratory by removing an amount of benching and a wall between two areas to provide a larger laboratory.  Part of the existing Research and Development Laboratory included the refurbishment of a wash up area. The area was refurbished with new non slip Altro vinyl flooring, Altro Whiterock plastic sheeting in place of ceramic tiles, increased ventilation over an Autoclave and a see-through plastic strip curtain in place of a conventional wall.

Phase two of the project was more complicated and needed to be redesigned completely to meet the client’s needs and address Building Control requirements. This Phase of the project included the removal of the existing internal walls to make space for a new layout of rooms. The existing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment (HVAC) was remodelled as far as possible with new equipment being added to suit the new layout. Part of the re development included four areas which needed to be temperature and humidity controlled. To achieve the brief sealed insulated walls and ceilings were provided to achieve the specification. Three of the four rooms were supplied with custom made solid grade laminate shelving to ensure free flow of air around the insect boxes. The scheme also included an extension to the clients existing DI water loop, a new CAT5 cold water break tank for laboratory water, new CO2 outlets and a CO2 alarm and monitoring system. In place of an expensive centralised hot water system each laboratory was provided with localised underbench water heaters running off the new tank cold water supply.

Both phases of the project included the re use of some existing lab furniture together with new cantilevered iab benches. In keeping with all iab projects the scheme was fully commissioned and handed over to the agreed programme. The success of this and other refurbishment projects is a close working relationship between iab and the client. This was achieved on this contract.

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