Solid Grade Compact Laminate Furniture

iab are a network trade partner for Kupan in the UK. Kupan was established in 1970 and are one of the leading manufacturers of solid grade compact laminate furniture in Europe. We can offer all of Kupan’s products which includes lockers, cubicles ,vanity units and bespoke joinery. Products are manufactured using modern Compact laminates from all the major producers and constructed with laboratory tested stainless steel and aluminium fixings.

The main laminate suppliers that Kupan use are Fundermax, Formica, Polyrey, Arpa and Trespa. All Kupans products are manufactured at their modern facility in Varsseveld in the East of The Netherlands. With a fully automated manufacturing operation Kupan is globally one of the most modern producers in this market sector.

Solid Grade Compact Laminate Furniture

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