Vented Fume Cupboards

Vented Fume Cupboards and the associated fume extract plant are very important considerations when designing a laboratory.

Fume Cupboards


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Determining Hazards

It is important to determine the hazards that may be created in any laboratory situation, to protect your laboratory staff and the environment. At design stage it is important to identify what the hazards are, do the experiments emit harmful vapours if inhaled at the point of use, what is the likely hood of an experiment or operation exploding. These are only some of the functions to be considered.  Not all experiments demand the use of a fume cupboard. For example, a piece of analytical equipment may give off a small amount of solvent vapour. In this type of situation, the use of a small localised conical extract hood specific to a piece of equipment may be appropriate. The hood or hoods can be fixed or movable.


The location of the fume extraction plant needs serious consideration to avoid entrainment of fumes back into the building or adjacent areas. The number of fume cupboards needs careful consideration as the quantity of fume cupboards will affect the engineering costs associated with providing replacement air to a laboratory or laboratories. Without the use of air replacement, the function of a fume cupboard or fume cupboards will be compromised. The location of any fume cupboard will also affect the performance and integrity of any design.


The type of work to be carried out will affect the size of a fume cupboard, the materials to be used in their construction, the internal design of a fume cupboard, the services needed to support an operation and protect a laboratory user. All designs comply with the current British and European Standards, BS-EN 14175.

iab Fume Cupboards are designed to have as little environmental impact as possible by using recyclable materials where possible. iab’s Fume Cupboards are available in standard sizes of 1200/1500/1800/2000. Bespoke fume cupboards or ventilated enclosures can also be manufactured to suit a particular need.

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